Air, land and sea for Hope!

The Woodlands, TX

For last year's "100 Miles For Hope" campaign, I started with the goal of biking 1,000 miles and ended up doubling it - biking over 2,000 miles. This year, I've set an even more ambitious goal, with a sort of "Air, Land and Sea" theme.

My plan, between 01 April and 06 September, is to run 100 miles, bike 1,000 miles, swim 10 miles, scuba dive 100 minutes and pilot a plane 1,000 miles. As of 11 April, my stats are:
- 25 miles biked
- 7.5 miles ran
- 0 miles swam
- 305 miles flown
- 94 minutes scuba dived

Running is on pace; flying and scuba will be easy; biking and swimming will pick up once school winds down.

The hardest part for me will actually be running since prior injuries limit the distance I can run at one time. The other goals are more limited by time available than exertion. These goals didn't quite fit the format of the available app, so I'm tracking them on my own.

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