I went to Lackland AFB for basic training in September 1965. Like many others, I wanted to pick the branch that I served in during the Vietnam War. My dad had a buddy who was a USAF recruiter and he gave me a good idea of what basic would be like. BUT......
Nothing prepares you for the first 48 hours. Yelling, screaming, go here, go there, do this, do that. And of course, you can't do 1/2 of what they want you to do.
So after the first few days you start to get into a rhythm. You get to know some of your fellow basics. And you actually start to learn some of the lessons they want you to learn.
USAF basic was the most easy to get through in 1965. But I still remember some memorable days. Like the first time our TI threw our foot lockers down the steps of the barracks. It was sort of funny; but woe on the one who even cracked a smile.
My AFSC was supposed to be something electronic. Then after about 4 weeks I was told to go to so-and-so building. I took a "language screening test," whatever that was. And then about two weeks later I was no longer going to electronics school; I was a back-up for the Chinese language course at Monterey. Typical hurry up and wait. Then we graduated but I didn't have any orders. So I got to hang around in "casual status." And then I ended up at language school in the Spanish course. Basic was difficult but not impossible. I often wonder what Marine basic was like in 1965. But it gave you a feeling of accomplishment that you made it through.

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