GI Bill warning and win

Chicago, IL

In 1970 I entered the IT computer world with no electronics or programming background. I needed both. The company provided great training and OJT. I used the GI Bill for the electronic knowledge. I enrolled in a Bell & Howell class (now DeVry) and took a reasonable course that covered all kinds of basic electricity and digital TV subjects. I got the electronics training and was able to apply this knowledge to the job.
Warning! I was motivated and reasonably handy in math and science, which got me through. The course resulted in me making a 25" digital TV (big-time in 1970) and getting a light background in digital electronics. However, the school and its advertising sold too many on the TV and not the education. Many students failed to complete the course, used their GI Bill eligibility, and ended up paying a lot of money with no positive results. Not everyone was motivated for or really wanted this math and science career direction. But the goal of a "free" TV sold my comrades on an expensive path to failure.
The WARNING is to pick a GI Bill path you want and are motivated to follow, or you will waste your GI Bill and it will end up costing you financially. Pick a trade - accounting, medical field, or something that you really want in your future. Success will follow.

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