VIET MAN is an honest combat war book about an FMF Corpsman in the 1st Recon, 1st Marine Division, Vietnam 1969.
THE MILITARY WRITERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA—“This is a powerful novel, eloquent while using the simplest of vocabulary and poetic in its clear-eyed imagery. Read it. Your understanding of this tumultuous period of our history will be forever enriched.” (MWSA GOLD MEDAL AWARD WINNER)
VIETNOW MAGAZINE—“Lliteras may think he wrote a novel, but VIET MAN is truth....Lliteras's ability to paint a visual image has you walking alongside him trying to survive. In spite of the brutal reality of Vietnam, there is an undeniable bond between brothers-in-arms....this is the game changer. Now you get Vietnam.”
LITERARY AFICIONADO (Ontario, Canada)—“What VIET MAN offers us is not only a work worthy of literary accolades, but a tribute to a time when the world was confused and tenuous—and we have never been able to understand why, until now, where between the covers of this book we find our own Wilfred Owens. Highly Recommended.”
THE VVA VETERAN—"Lliteras' VIET MAN brings an intimate grittiness to the story of his tour of duty as a Navy corpsman with a Marine infantry unit near Da Nang in 1969. . .All veterans will identify with his account of coming home.”
D.S. Lliteras was an FMF Corpsman-Combat Diver in the U.S. Marine Corps, a Diving & Salvage Officer in the U.S. Navy, and a professional Firefighter in the Norfolk (VA) Fire Department. He is a member of IAFF, the VFW, the MCL, the MWSA, the American Legion, the 1st Recon Association, and Vietnam Veterans of America.
VIET MAN is available on-line, in bookstores (B&N, BAM, etc.) and at public libraries.

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