The Headless Snake

This is not another book about Vietnam and the war, or for that matter, the military. It is an instructional guide for a strategy to improve the military, not with idealistic thoughts but a method that was tested and used successfully in Vietnam 1966-1968. This is the one of the few books that reports on the war in Vietnam from personal access to MACV, commanders' briefings, and the Department of State from the Embassy. For 22 months I was an integral part of meeetings and briefings, but, more importantly, I was in the field day and night in all 44 provinces.

If you cut the head off of the snake, the snake dies. That was the opening statement of a briefing I attended in Vietnam 1966. In short, the American strategy for victory in Vietnam was to kill the leaders and anyone who happened to be in the path to the leaders, whether they were soldiers or civilians, government officials or innocent women and children. Through my work with the Embassy, IFFV General Staff, Psychological Operations, and Phoenix, I developed a strategy that was counter to what the military was doing, but successful in situations involving civilian populations; Persuasion with Relevance , as developed in Peace Team Forward.

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