Post 1, Shanghai, China

General Ward & Chennault and Lt. Helseth Post 1 - Shanghai, China, OT

One of the oldest continuously operating posts in The American Legion is China Post 1. It all began about 100 years ago on Nov. 28, 1919 – Maj. Arthur Bassett, former Judge Advocate of the Army and Attorney General for the District of China, learns of the formation of the Legion and becomes a strong advocate of the organization and its potential outside the borders of the United States. Living in Shanghai and a prominent figure in the business and legal community, Maj. Bassett leverages his considerable influence to lay the foundations for what would become American Legion Post 1, Shanghai, or China Post 1.
Now known as the Generals Ward & Chennault and Lt. Helseth Post 1, Shanghai, China, or colloquially as China Post 1, this post has not only survived the test of time but the ravages of WWII, the imprisonment of its officers, and its expulsion and subsequent exile from its home in Shanghai since 1948.
Today, this post, a Foreign and Outlying Post of the American Legion (FODPAL), is attached to the Department of France and continues to thrive with its worldwide membership.
This is a picture of and article from the China Monthly Review, Volume 10 pg. 511 November 1919:
“An organization of ex-service men of the United States Army and Navy who served during the European War is being formed in Shanghai and a dinner and smoker is to be held at the American Club, at 8 o'clock, Friday night, 'November 28, 1919.. The temporary organization is headed by Major Arthur P. Bassett as chairman and Don D. Patterson of Millard’s…

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