Mailman flew in bomber

Manly, IA

My father, M. Arthur McCoid, joined the Navy in 1944. He was a rural mail carrier in civilian life, and the Navy made him a mailman and stationed him in Hawaii. He said that due to the demand for golf course time, they only allowed foursomes to play. One day, they teamed him up with three Army Air Corps lieutenants, who became friendly with my enlisted father and asked if he would like to go up on a training mission. He accepted the invitation and they agreed to meet at the officers barracks at a certain date and time. The lieutenants took him into the barracks and dressed him in an Army lieutenant's uniform, then smuggled him onto a bomber (B-24?) going up on a training flight. Dad said that they flew so low that ocean spray off the waves was hitting the glass windscreen. It did not occur to him until much later that he could have been court-martialed for impersonating an officer. Dad was a member of The American Legion for many years and passed away at age 101 in 2010.

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