Tony Jensen inspects his new wheels with Rick June (right) of Warriors Veteran Outreach and Larry Thunder Wolf Limon of the American Legion (center).


Veterans roll into action

Blairsville, GA


Murphy – Justin Jensen, for whom the Warriors Veteran Outreach camp downtown is named, was a dedicated U.S. Marine, earning the rank of staff sergeant before retiring from active duty.

On April 11, this “amazing man, husband, father, son, brother and friend,” as described by his wife, Dorothy, passed away after a collision with a logging truck. But on Dec. 4, there were good deeds being done at Camp Jensen by warriors with a sense of compassion, charity and faith.

To begin the monthly meeting of Warriors Veteran Outreach, Commander Dan Miller led the assembled veterans and allies with an invocation from Exodus 15:3, “The Lord is a warrior.” Miller said, “Every great man that God has used in the Bible is a warrior.”

The efforts of Warriors Veteran Outreach, Larry Thunder Wolf Limon, American Legion Post 96, Rick June, Kia Lifetime Motors, Rich Wrecker Service, Ground to Graphics and Murphy Glass led to help make this Christmas a bit easier for Justin’s son, Tony, by donating time, parts and energy to give the young Jensen a vehicle.

Tony had no idea what was going on when he and his family got to the meeting. Halfway through, June stood and called Tony to the front, where June handed Tony the keys to a 4x4 Ford Explorer.

“I want to thank you for everything you’ve done,” Tony told the warriors. He is “very grateful” and plans to use the new mobility “for school and helping my mom,” who has six other children to raise.

“This way, mom won’t have to be so stressed,” he added, understanding that helping family came before joyrides. “Just to have this kind of love and support is beyond the words that I can express.”

A senior at Tri-County Early College High School in Peachtree, Tony plans to follow his father’s footsteps by enlisting as a Marine after completing his undergraduate studies.

“It’s more than just a car,” Dorothy Jensen said. His mother believes, “It is his future. He’s a good kid, I couldn’t ask for a better son."

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