Holding VRP shirt, wearing 100 Miles for Hope shirt.


First 20-mile day, walking for hope and for Veteran Resilience Project

Golden Valley, MN

On Sept. 11 I did my first of four 20-to-22-mile hikes, supporting the Veteran Resilience Project (VRP) as prevention for veteran suicide and homelessness. This one went to the clinic in Bloomington where I have received the EMDR therapy available in Minnesota through VRP. From there to the Mall of America. which was the Twins baseball stadium where I left from in 1961 for the JFK 50 Mile Hike.

My regular mile or more a day will bring the total to well over 100. I also did a strenuous 5-mile hike, half of it uphill, on Aug. 15 with the Veterans Voices program of the Minnesota Humanities Center.

Sept. 21 will be the second 20-22 miles, going to two homeless shelters, with a noon meditation at the Lake Harriet Peace Garden, calling for inner peace for veterans, and courage for world leaders to solve more international conflict without sending young men and women off to war.

Oct. 14, another 20-22 miles, calling in while walking to the patient TV channel I started at Minneapolis Children's Hospital when I returned in 1972 from being an Army medic. From there to the 3 p.m. Save Our VA From Privatization Vigil near the Minneapolis VA.

Nov. 4, 20-22 miles down Como Avenue to the Como Park Labyrinth for a 2 p.m. meditational walk, POST ELECTION BEST FOR THE COUNTRY. From there to Larpenteur and Highway 61, where I began my 61st-birthday 61 Mile Hike calling for less war and an end to poor mental health care for veterans.

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