Legiontown Criteria

What makes your town a Legiontown? It’s quite simple really. The ‘Legiontown’ designation occurs wherever Legion family members dedicate themselves to a cause greater than themselves. It occurs every time a Legionnaire visits patients in a VA hospital. It occurs when Legionnaires pay final respects during a veteran’s funeral. It occurs when a storm-stricken American Legion post converts itself into a makeshift emergency shelter of when a post sponsors a baseball team that realizes how you win is as important as if you win. It occurs when Legion posts, civic leaders and military leaders sign community covenants, and pledge mutual support. Legiontown members live by the words of Legionnaire and former President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Many Legiontown members are unsung heroes, but visibility can help Legiontowns become even more effective. Moreover, publicity can encourage other communities and posts to emulate your Legiontown, adding significant value to other communities and the nation as a whole. Remember, the main criteria is that there is no criteria to be a Legiontown. If you are proud of what your post has accomplished, chances are someone else is too. Be proud of your Legiontown! Tell us about it.