Finishing my 100 miles at the Rev. John Harvard statue at Harvard University!


Freedom is not free

Cambridge, MA

I was invited to take part in this challenge by Pastor Paul Kim, pastor emeritus of Antioch Baptist Church in Cambridge, Mass,, Army veteran, and national chaplain of the Korean War Veterans Association. I came to know Pastor Paul through his wife, Rebekah Kim, who is a Southern Baptist chaplain at Harvard University. I had come to Harvard for college, looking for hope in amazing classes, renowned professors and intelligent classmates. But it was through Chaplain Rebekah’s life-changing Bible studies that I found a living hope in Jesus Christ, far more precious than anything that can be achieved or found in this world.

I’m so thankful for Pastor Paul’s encouraging me to finish the 100 Miles for Hope challenge early - he’s like the Apostle Paul who urges others to “finish the race well” and to “follow him as he follows Christ.” He had completed his 100 miles 2 weeks ago and is already well into his second 100!

It’s my privilege to participate in 100 Miles for Hope for our veterans who have served our nation and have made countless sacrifices for the sake of others. I could not agree more with the saying “freedom is not free,” which is written on the Korean War Memorial in D.C. I thank all those who “answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met,” as I would not be here as a second-generation Korean-American enjoying the freedoms I do without you. I hope that by participating, I can help raise awareness of this challenge, recognize the people I’m running for, and point to the hope that keeps me alive and moving forward every day.

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