Renewed love of running/walking

Manassas, VA

I am not sure who thought up the idea of this challenge, but my thanks to them.

During my time in the USMC, I used to run marathons, ultra-marathons and other different events. After I retired, I started to lift weights and running become a secondary activity, but after some surgeries, although I continued to work out, it was not with the same intensity. However, this little challenge was like being re-introduced to an old friend I had not seen in a while and it motivated me to get out there and get those miles in. Even though I completed the challenge on 30 Oct, I find myself continuing to get out there running and walking.

Perhaps this is an event that could be done for Memorial Day or another veteran-related holiday.

Again, thanks to the brainchild of this challenge; this old man feels alive again.

MSgt (ret.) Donald Meckley
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