This was taken the day I completed my personal goal of 150 miles in 120 days or less. It took 105.


Swim 163 Miles for Hope

Murrieta, CA

I believe I was the only swimmer again this year? My friends, family and I raised a total of $3,87.33; the reason it is not even is the purchases at the Emblem store - I gave each donor a "100 Miles for Hope Challenge 2021" pin as a thank-you. All donations were made to the Legion's site and DONATE button. Initially I had problems with Kilter, so did not use it.

Due to medical and other obligations I was only able to swim 118 of the 159 days. I swam a total of 166 miles. My personal goal was to hit 150 miles in 120 days or less. That was accomplished in 105 days. Because of my disability I swim with only my arms and a float to support my legs. When I reached that goal, I decided to go for 175-200 miles.

Unfortunately, a bite by a brown recluse caused an open wound. The doctor said "No swimming until that wound is totally healed."

A total of 288,145 yards (15 yard pool)
A total of 19,210 lengths of the pool
Averaged 1.41 miles per day
Total miles swum: 166

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