When I finished the 100-mile challenge.


Congratulations to all who finished their personal goal and the 2021 100 Miles challenge

Murrieta, CA

Chris McMartin: 1,000 miles flying, 100 running, 1,000 biking, 10 swum and 100 minutes scuba-dived. I used to scuba and had a commercial pilot's license - I can relate to most of Chris's achievements. Amazing feat!

Ray Knodel set a personal goal of riding a bike 350 miles. He states he came up short because of other obligations. He did manage to get in 345 miles on his bike. Ray, you said you came up short - no, sir, not by any stretch of the imagination are you anything but a WINNER.

Gerald, who walked 575 miles, congratulations! I can't even walk around the block.

The Houghs, who completed 1,277 miles as a husband/wife team.

Nellie, who has ridden more than 800 miles,

As Chris said in his video, he hopes to inspire others.

I completed 166 miles of swimming and I rolled my wheelchair close to 100 miles, but not for 30 minutes at a time. I, like Chris, hope to be an inspiration to others. I'm also doing the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

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