basic training memories

I enlisted in the Marine Corps just after my 17th birthday. we rode a pullman train from Louisville, Ky to Atlanta Ga.

Caught a bus at Atlanta to Yemassee, Sc. and another bus to Parris Island, Sc. we arrived at the reception center at 2200 2 Sep 1956.

I was tired so I got up and was waiting for the bus driver to open the door. As the door opened a DI grabbed me by the shirt and gently(yes ha)helped me off the bus and said, "welcome to Parris Island SON!"

We were there for two extra weeks waiting for enough men to start our series. On the third day there, we were standing at the end of our bunks studying rank and insignia from our guide book and our DI was coming down the line asking we recruits what his rank was.

When he got to me he asked,"What's your name boy?" I replied, "SGT.Ward,sir." after helping me up from the deck he said, "you will never make Sgt., but I did!"

My fond memories of Parris Island!

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