Lackland AFB 1969

I got to San Antonio Texas 6 Jun 1969. Colorado Air National Guard, along with 47 others from CO. We were 2nd class trainees, we got WWII wooden barraks. The Base just opened new brick ones with air for the the regulars, trouble was they were always sick, out of 72 into 100 degrees.

We were there for 6 weeks. Only had P.T. 6 days. The Red Flag was up before morning chow the rest of the days. Still had to pass the finale test as required.

Had to qualify on the M-16. The only instruction was that morning on the range. We did well. We had to score the next group, to Air Guard. They couldn't hit the target.

Of the 48 in the Flight, three had just graduated high school, 3 were PhD's, and the rest had Masters or Bachelor degrees. The instructors only had to tell us once what to do and never repeated. It was done.

The moon landing in July was lights out as usual. We all sat in the 2nd floor Day Room watching a 19" B&W TV. It was 80+ but we had to make a cover over our heads with our wool blankets.

Got home about 11 pm. My Dad picked me up. Was on old C-54. First stop was for a 6-pack.

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