I graduated from college in 1968 and almost immediately got my notice from local draft board #13, based in Springfield, Ohio. This particular board was so bad they were a cover story in Life magazine that featured a photo of a person holding a sign that said, "Draft the Draft Board." My best friend got drafted transferring from one college to another because his college enrollment form "got lost."
This event, plus my own experience in the Army from 1968 to 1971, inspired me to write a comic adventure novel called "DRAFTED." I tried to capture all the shared experiences: receiving that notice, the induction center, basic training, AIT, Officers Candidate School, and finally being shipped overseas.
Mostly a funny look at familiar basic training stories like running proficiency park, tear gas test, the firing ranges, but with drama as well, such as my OCS story at Fort Benning, Ga., where three candidates in my company died during my cycle (MAR-SEP 1969) resulting in a congressional investigation.

Drafted by Rich Allan is available at amazon.com, if any readers would be interested. http://www.richallan.net

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