My Jeep ride

After completing the majority of my infantry basic training at Harmony Church, Fort Benning, Ga., we were allowed to leave our company area for a short period of time the last two weekends. During one of my excursions of freedom, I visited the main post area to see the sights.
While waiting at the main post bus shuttle stop to go back to our training area, a Jeep stopped and and the driver yelled, "Joe! Hey Joe - C'mon!" I looked around and since no one was responding to him, I motioned to myself and the sergeant waved and said "Yeah - you!"
Not wanting to sit on a rickety bus for 45 minutes, I got in the Jeep and he took off like a flash. He asked me if I was going to Harmony Church and when I said I was, he smiled and started talking about everything under the sun. He talked about the weather, other sergeants, his family, the fishing in the area - all kinds of topics.
While he was talking, I looked him over carefully and tried to place his face and name. No luck, he was a stranger to me. Finally, I asked him if he was in my unit. He smiled and said, "Nope."
Then I asked him how he knew my name and why was he giving me a ride.
He looked at me with a slight smile and explained.
He said, "I'm the supply sergeant for my unit and I have to make the run from Harmony Church to main post every day with paperwork. These Jeeps don't have a radio. It gets boring by myself and I like to have company."
I said that makes sense to me but how did he know my name?
He told me, "I don't know you, but there's always a Joe in every group!"
He soon dropped me off at my company training area and every time I see a Jeep now, I remember that sunny ride with that supply sergeant.

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