Guard duty and KP duty

I was drafted into the Army at 18 in my senior year of high school at Wolf Point, Mont., August, 1945. I took my physical at Butte Mountain and rode the train to Ft. Douglas, Utah where we were sworn in. I then boarded a “troop train” to Oakland, Calif. and on to Camp Roberts, Calif. for basic training.
My best memory of basic training was being assigned to guard duty on the night shift. It was pitch black, and I was guarding a huge water tank that was low in height but very large in diameter. I kept both hands on my rifle and tried looking forward and backward at the same time. It was “spooky!”
That night still lives on in my memory – some 72 years later!
Another memory was being called for KP (kitchen patrol) duty, and the next thing I knew they gave me a chair and a knife and flopped a 100-pound sack of potatoes in front of me to peel!
During my 18 months in the Army, I also had several “troop train” rides, up and down the West coast, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

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