‘General parking’

As a new Navy nurse stationed at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, California from 1964-1967, I kept learning about the military the hard way. On a beautiful, sunny day I took a ride in my 1959 MG to the base exchange. I parked my car and went in to shop. It wasn’t very long before an announcement came over the loud speaker, requesting the owner of the blue MG to come to the front of the store. Two military police were waiting for me and escorted me outside. Taking me over to my car, they asked if it belonged to me.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Didn’t you read the sign?” they asked.
“Yes, it says general parking.”
“Well??” they asked.
“Doesn’t that mean for the general public?” I asked.
“It means for the General of the base, and he is sitting over there, waiting for you to move!” they said.
Was my face red!

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