Water wake-up

I was drafted at 19 and was sent to Fort Knox. I was scared to death. The first couple of days were fine. I have always had sinus trouble and found out in 1989 I have sleep apnea. I grew up with three sisters and they never told me I snored. So on my third day of Basic we worked hard hiking, and that night I fell asleep on my back. I must have been snoring real bad. I woke up scared to death and my shirt was wet. I couldn't figure out how I got wet. This went on for two weeks. That's when I figured out what was going; I woke up that night in time to hear some guys running away from my bunk. Some of the guys I was living with and trusted were pouring water in my mouth and running away laughing. So after that I didn't sleep very well. I didn't dare say anything because it would have been worse for me. You just didn't tattle; that was a rule. To this day I have to take medication to sleep and I can't sleep if there is anyone else in my apartment.

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