San Antonio

It was August and very hot. My best memory was the final PE run. I had injured my ankle about 3 days earlier and was terrified I'd be set back for 3 more weeks of training. Well, I ended up lagging way behind the entire group. In fact, most of the guys had finished and I was still at least a half-mile back. I was miserable and ready to give up when I heard footsteps behind me. it was my dorm chief running beside me shouting encouragement. I lifted my head and continued the run. Suddenly I realized the entire flight was with me shouting cadence and encouragement. Well, I made it by 3 seconds. I also learned the lesson of brotherhood that the military offers. It wasn't just the physical training that we were learning; it was the teamwork and reliance on your brothers that we were being taught. It changed my life forever. Even today I'd die for any one of them.

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