Fraud case

During basic training, you have to eliminate trainees for various reasons. Once in a while you get a fraud case. I had a trainee who was in fact doing quite well when I got a packet on him with instructions to hold for discharge as a fraud. The trainee had lied about his arrest record on his application for enlistment. I received a 5-page letter from the state of Maryland showing the trainee had been arrested 57 times since he had turned 18. He had spent 3 years and 11 months in prison. Except for murder, rape and armed robbery, he had been arrested for about everything you could think of. I joked to myself that if something happened in that town, the cops made a beeline for his house. I brought him into my office, explained things to him and explained what was going to happen to him. Out of being curious, I asked him why he had not listed all his arrests on the form. His answer was simple: "There was not enough room."

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