Basic training, first few days in

I enlisted in the Air Force in September 1965. Never had to go in because I stuttered so bad, but wanted to serve my country. I was told not to say anything about my speech for six months, that way the Air Force can't kick me out.
First day at basic training, Lackland AFB, Texas. Every morning starts off with everyone running outside and lining up for roll call. The sergeant would call out your last name and you would respond with your first name. That sounds easy enough, except if you stutter. On the first day the sergeant called out my last name, but I couldn't say my first name. He yelled at me for a few minutes. Second day, same thing. This time he got right into my face and chewed me out, saying, "I may be saying your name wrong, but at least you could do is answer me." The third day I asked the guy behind me if he would say my name and he said he would. At roll call the sergeant called out my last name and the guy behind me called out my first. The sergeant said, "finally learned your name, huh?"

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