Earl Graham Post 159's Walking Legionnaires.


Legionnaires "Walk Across Texas"

College Station, TX

Walking Legionnaires

Earl Graham Post 159 in Bryan, Texas, joined over 100 teams to participate in the 2023 Walk across Texas. This event is sponsored by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. From Feb. 11-April 7, this team of Legionnaires logged over 1,000 miles. The program is designed to get people up and moving. Studies have shown that if a person will start a fitness program and continue for more than 30 days, they have a better chance of continuing in the future. Department Vice Commander Tom Marty was one of the members of the Walking Legionnaires. He stated that there were days early on that it was a little cold or rainy, "but I got out there and tried to walk for an hour or more." He developed a route around his neighborhood and started to see his neighbors on their walks. At the end of the program Tom had started logging over 4 miles a day. Marty also stated that he would wear some form of American Legion attire, most often his Be the One T-shirt. As he walked his neighborhood, from time to time neighbors would ask about the shirt. This gave Tom an opportunity to talk about the issue of veteran suicide and the Legion as an organization.
Post 159 Commander Dale Hutchcraft was also a part of the Walking Legionnaires team. Hutchcraft said she suffers from knee issues. The low stress of walking in her neighborhood was helpful in many ways. It provided some pain relief, and a healthy feeling, with stress management.
Team Captain TJ Robie has participated in the 100 Miles for Hope program the last two years and was looking for an opportunity to continue with a low-stress walking program. He said this fit the bill and is looking forward to next year.

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