My first Buddy Check

Brookville, IN

I am pretty new to the Legion, so I didn’t really know what I was going to say to these longtime members for the Buddy Check. After I said hello and my name, it was pretty easy. I just told them that I was checking on them to see if they needed anything from the Legion, and that seemed to be good enough. I got my list of 33 names and did my Buddy Checks in one afternoon. I talked to 12 people, and left messages and emails for another 10. Unfortunately, I found out that two members had passed away, so I sent our condolences. Most just updated me on what they were doing and others talked a bit more, especially about medical issues. All in all, I had many nice little chats. One wife called me back and asked to borrow one of our wheelchairs so her husband could attend their grandson’s graduation. They were both very proud of him, but Bill’s legs weren’t so good. She was very thankful that we called to begin with, and I was happy we could help her. I think it’s a great idea to check on our members, it seemed to make them feel good and gave me a nice feeling too.

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