SAL Pals/Centennial Milestones - rebuilding and reinventing perceptions, people and places

Somers, CT

Buck-Dubiel Post 101’s Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Squadron 101 is a team of male descendants of United States Armed Forces members; they are our pals and our partners. Squadron 101 organizes and also teams with Post 101 on a frequent basis to honor the service and sacrifice of our Legionnaires. The squadron assists Post 101 in many noteworthy ways. One such example was their instrumental involvement in the rebuilding, remodeling and renovation of Post 101’s booth for the Four Town Fair on 13-16 September 2018 in Somers, Conn.
Every year Post 101 participates in the Four Town Fair. This year we wanted to make our fair booth extra special, as it commemorated the beginning of The American Legion’s 100th birthday celebration.
Post 101 sells generous portions of specialty food/beverages to our community at the fair to support our four pillars. Our $1 menu is not broad, but it is unique. We offer Hozmer Mountain Soda, Collins Creamery ice cream, Village Springs sparkling water, homemade pies, and gourmet flavored coffee and tea. We want our community to profit by providing a great bargain while also connecting with them. Simple but authentic!
Our fair booth also serves as a communications center. We engage the community by sharing Legion/post information via brochures and conversation. We offer convenient membership/renewal and also afford opportunities to participate in raffles/drawings and photo sessions.
The booth the post rents from the fairgrounds is also used by other organizations and through the years of wear and tear, it needed a major overhaul – cosmetically and functionally. Post 101 took on the project at our expense and engaged our post members, the community (fair employees) and our SAL – without them our goals would not have been realized.
At least two weeks prior to the beginning of the fair, in Navy terms, we all had to “turn to” – meaning “get to work.” Many of us had our noses to the grindstone for long days and nights preparing for the fair. Post 101 is especially grateful to our SAL, and would like to take this opportunity to recognize Bob Socha and Tom Mehl, dual Legionnaires and SAL, David McCaffrey, Paul Martinello and Jim Cowan – whose skills, work ethic and dedication continues to make us progressive, productive and proud! A huge hug to our SAL pals for helping Post 101 and The American Legion, rebuild and reinvent perception, people and places. The Right Choice -- Team 100!

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