Veterans feeding veterans

Green Bank, WV

Below is an article concerning the Veterans Day Dinner put on by the Pocahontas County (W.Va.) Veterans Honor Corps (PCVHC).
The Honor Corps is made up of veterans from the following organizations:
American Legion Post 50
American Legion Post 117
VFW Post 4595
VVA Post 1100 
DVA Post 35
These Veterans Day Dinners have been taking place since 2000; up until 2013 the dinners were put on exclusively by the PCVHC through their own monetary and food donations, and some community contributions.
Starting in 2014, the PCVHC managed to secure local business' support as the numbers at the annual dinner have grown to 10 times their original number in 2000. 
We hope you enjoy the article and hope this becomes part of the Nat'l CC's Family First! events.

Rick Wooddell
PCVHC Commander
American Legion Post 117 Adjutant

Green Bank
West Virginia
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