A day before UVA graduation 2017.


GI Bill

Sterling , VA

My name is SSG Mery (retired). My story that I'd like to share is simple. After spending 25 years and being deployed 5 times in my career, I decided to allow my 3 young ones to use it in their university education as part of some support, since we couldn't get any scholarships for them. In a way it helped me to help them to feel comfortable and not desperate, and by them continuing their education and fulfilling their dreams as my first generation in the USA, it meant a lot to me. Life is full of choices and my job was to secure their bright future. So far it's paying off - two of them are grads, and one also is in the military as an officer. My son, as a future doctor if things go right for him, and my third one wishes to be also a doctor so is working, and that makes me proud and well spent. Believe it or not, I'm still a GED man with no further education but what life had to offer me, and the only thing I learned as survival skills is to work hard - that's the only way to earn enough money to support my family. So they are fulfilling my dreams and it's awesome to see them grow as professionals.

Celebrating 25 years of marriage.
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