GI Bill

Honolulu, HI

At the time our North Dakota Air National Guard was activated, I had 2 quarters of school to complete. The Guard said no to anyone wanting
to defer their activation to be able to graduate. Two of the four Guard units let their seniors complete their schooling before going on active duty as of April 1, 1951. Anyway, come Dec. 31, 1952, my wife, mother and 6-week-old daughter were on our way back to North Dakota State. Priorly I had contracted for vet housing and upon arrival we were able to move into B-1 North Court which remained our residence until June 1, 1955. On Jan. 6 l952, we were blessed with another daughter. Our GI Bill payment for 1953 was $160. That along with Guard pay was just about right for a struggling student. In the fall of 1953 I was granted a scholarship for an MS in Agriculture Economics. That song with the GI Bill was just right for a family of 4 living on vet housing. I completed my MS degree in the spring of 1955 and landed a federal appointment with the U.S. Department of Agriculture which I had until August 1, 1985, when I retired after spending duty time in ND, IN, KS and DC. The GI Bill and my scholarship made it possible to complete my education in due form.
After retirement we moved to Delaware for over 20 years, and then in 2008 moved to Hawaii on a permanent basis. I continued my Legion membership
starting in 1953, and except for the years in IN I was a regular member so that now I have over 59 years of membership.


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