Marines and the GI Bill changed my life

Hamilton, OH

Growing up in rural Maine in the '60s was hard. With no money for college, I joined the Marine Corps. Upon completion of my service, I had grown up and still wanted to go to college. Fortunately, the GI Bill was there for me.
I received three degrees from the University of Maine (BS & MS in Chemical Engineering and a 5th-year Pulp & Paper certificate) in 1969 and 1970. Without the GI Bill I would not have been able to go to college. This money prepared me to enter the workforce with a great discipline and zero debt.
I am retired now, but have spent over 40 years in the Pulp & Paper industry, both in manufacturing and consulting.
To this day I still do not understand why we do not offer this type of program for anyone who wants to get a good education. Four easy steps: (1) Get accepted to a program or college. (2) Complete the first semester with a passing grade. (3) Submit paperwork and receive check. (4) Roll over each semester's work for four years.
Our current government spending on education by far exceeds the amount that would be spent on everyone who would do this. Do the math and you will quickly see that the old GI Bill formula works much better than what we have today. Today too many kids have a degree but also have large debts.

Earl L. Hill
A proud Marine living in Ohio

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