This is a picture of me and my wife, Margaret, in my Bob Hope Show costume on our back deck with the bay in the background in Craig, Alaska.


CPO Bill Infield taught me basic electricity

Craig, AK

I came out of the service on January 1, 1975. A bad economic time and I couldn't find a job. I had a BSBA degree from the University of Arkansas but that didn't get me a job. In order to put food on the table I went back to school on the VA at the Phillips County Community College in Helena, Ark. They were offering a course called "Maintenance Mechanics." Bill Infield was teaching the electrical part of the course. He was an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. He knew electricity. During my two years of school I had obtained a job with an electrical contractor in Helena. Bill Infield knew the City of Helena's city engineer and recommended that I be allowed to stand for the Master Electrician test. I took and passed the test. With my master's licence I started a company, Best Electric, with a partner. My partner and I parted after five years and I moved to Little Rock, Ark. I worked for one of the largest electrical contractors in Arkansas. My boss asked me to instruct for the Associated Builders and Contractors apprenticeship school.

in 1993 my second wife and I moved to Craig, Alaska. My wife's cousin, Gene Franks, is the Department of Alaska's adjutant. With Gene's help I founded Prince of Wales Post 26 and was the first commander. I am currently the adjutant. Last year our fundraiser, the Bob Hope USO Show, funded the USO with $450, Fisher Foundation with $450 and a $1,000 scholarship for a local youth.

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