Honor guard in formation to begin the ceremony by lowering the Veteran of the Month flag from the previous month.


John J. Morris Post 62 Honor Guard honors Unknown Soldier

Peoria, AZ

Every month on the first, the John J. Morris Post 62 (Peoria, Ariz.) honor guard has a Veteran of the Month ceremony. This is for fallen military, at request of the membership. Every Nov. 1 is to honor the Unknown Soldier. The Legion Riders file in and form up by the flag. The honor guard lowers the current flag and presents it to a family member from previous month, and then raises a new flag for the new Veteran of the Month. The commander speaks, and the chaplain does opening and closing prayers. It is a very structured event that everyone takes seriously and with reflection hearing the story of each veteran being honored each month. The honor guard and bugler carry this out with precision.

The post chaplain gives opening prayer. He always has moving comments.

The flag from the previous month is presented to the daughter of the Veteran of the Month; it had flown over that post for October.

Every month the commander prepares and distributes a brochure on the current Veteran of the Month.

The current flag honoring the Unknown Soldier is raised and saluted. It will fly all month and be lowered on Dec. 1, when the next Veteran of the Month is honored.
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