Honor guard is a privilege

White Sulphur Springs, MT

It has been a privilege and an honor as a member of The American Legion to provide military rites at veterans' funerals. As the commander of American Legion Post 25 over the past three years, I have seen our post go from not having any rifles or uniforms to now having rifles and our own uniforms. The Legionnaires in the Honor Guard now seem to stand taller and are more proud of the honors they provide. The post members are now more willing to help provide the military rites to the veterans and their families. I have received "thank you"s from the families of the honored veterans at every funeral we have provided rites for. The "thank you"s I have received for the post have made me feel grateful and proud. At our last funeral I received the best and greatest "thank you" one could ever receive. A young girl of about 8 or 9 years of age, who I assumed was either a granddaughter or great-granddaughter of the veteran, came up to me and handed me a single red carnation with a tear in her eye, she said "thank you". I have never received a more heartfelt "thank you" than that.
This is why it is such a great honor and privilege to provide military rites for our departed veterans and their families.


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