Book cover for The Wayward Wind.


Post 106 member and honor guard veteran publishes biography at 84

Trenton, GA

Christian Editing and Design is proud to announce that local Trenton, Ga., resident Gary Dean
Bell, has published his first book – The Wayward Wind: A Story of One Man’s Service to God and

Bell (84), known as the man who has been everywhere, created The Wayward Wind as a biography of
his family heritage, military service in the Central Americas and Vietnam, work on the mission field and
retirement in Georgia.

His service to God and country continued well into his retirement as he aided other veterans in forming
the honor guard of American Legion Post 106. The honor guard is responsible for conducting final military
honors for over 300 military veterans in northwest Georgia and eastern Alabama. 

Upon retiring from the U.S. Army in 1978, Bell began his missionary work with his wife, Gladys, in Puerto
Rico, where he spent the next 30 years as an educator and church planter. Bell played an active role in
the curation of Puerto Rico Baptist College, which carries his legacy in their historical tradition. 

The Wayward Wind is about following the call and going where God’s purpose allows. Bell chose the
name of his book from the popular 1956 wanderlust hit “The Wayward Wind” by Stanley Lebowsky. The
song depicts an intense desire to explore, which inspired Bell to write his biography with the theme of
Christian exploration. 

When asked to describe his journey to authorship, Bell says, 
“I have been at this book so long (writing for years, which began when I was still on the mission field of
Puerto Rico), I can’t get used to the idea that it has now become a reality!”

Bell goes on to describe himself as a goal setter and achiever at heart.
“That was begun in my youth, when I finally became an Eagle Scout. All the glory of this venture goes to
the Lord – He gave me the ability and has provided the means to accomplish the task.”

The Wayward Wind: A Story of One Man’s Service to God and Country is available for purchase on
Amazon. For more information about Bell and his work, visit or on Facebook

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Gary Bell in military uniform holding Bible.

Church bell built and planted in Puerto Rico.
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