15th District attends Florida bill-signing

Tampa, FL

Several members of the 15th District (Tampa area) accompanied the Department of Florida commander in attendance at the Monday, July 1 bill-signing at MacDill AFB by Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The bill signed was “HB 1223: Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices,” which authorizes a civil penalty for a person who willfully uses deceptive or unfair trade acts or practices against a military servicemember or servicemember’s spouse or dependent child in certain circumstances. It basically expands the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) to provide that any person who willfully uses, or has willfully used a method, act or practice to victimize a military servicemember or their family, may be liable for a civil penalty of up to $15,000. This shows the great legislature from Florida in the ongoing support of our veterans.

Pictured L to R are: Bill Hamblin (Cdr, Post 5), Art Schwabe (Dept Cdr), Gov. Rick Scott, Eunice Butts (15th District Cdr), Dept Commander’s Aide Dick Little (Past Central Area Cdr), Shelli Romeu (15th District Adjutant), Tom Aderhold (Hillsborough County Veteran’s Council), Jose Romeu (15th District Vice Cdr).

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