Jim Rutledge Vice Commander in charge of programs, Richard Hansen Coordinator of Veteran Student Academic Services and Stan Witte Post 129 Commander


Legion hears about impressive Oklahoma State University veterans

Stillwater, OK

Richard Hansen presented a program to Hanner-Sharp American Legion Post 129 on “How can the Legion help the 700+ veterans on the OSU campus?” Post 129 was impressed with the program Hansen has been doing as coordinator of Veteran Student Academic Services on the campus.
Veterans' success rate at OSU in 2017 was 89.4% and 91.2% graduating within 6 years of beginning their education. Most are pursuing degrees in Engineering, Architecture and Technology College, Spears School of Business and College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Veterans are a valuable resource for the university because of success rate, with the more mature students averaging 28 years of age. Over 54% are married and 46% have children. Over 23% of student veterans are women.
The Veterans Student Organization on campus placed over 6,000 flags and dog tags on the Edmond Low Library Lawn for Veterans Day Week during November. Veterans need more child care centers open in the evening when test and study may take place. Between semesters the gap between ending and starting a semester is not paid for by the military assistance program for veterans, and may tend to become a problem where the student quits the university and starts a job just to make a living. More veterans news articles and recruitment of veterans for Oklahoma State University could be one of the best OSU investments on the campus.

Oklahoma State University Veteran Association has placed nearly 7,000 flags and dog tags on Library Lawn to remember those in the military who have been killed during the War on Terror.
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