Washington State Post 130 honors Zillah schools' Veterans Day programs

Zillah, WA

On behalf of our national commander, Department of Washington commander, Area 4 vice commander, Zillah Post commander, Zillah SAL commander and all veterans who have given so much to our country, it is an honor to stand before you this evening and express our appreciation to Zillah School District 205 for the incredible support of your Veterans Day recognition programs.
We would like to thank all of you for the extraordinary virtues of honoring our veterans and your display of leadership and patriotism, which are necessary to the preservation and protection of the fundamental institutions of education and the advancement of respect and recognition.
All four schools of Zillah School District 205 for years have put on an exceptional Veterans Day program that exemplifies the tremendous leadership and dedication displayed to the veterans all over the community.
A special thanks was given to Ms. Tracy Savage, former middle school principal, for her student’s presentation of the POW/MIA table and introducing student Aaron Alexander, who sounded Taps at the closing of the presentation. As the result of this introduction to Post 130, Aaron was formally designated as the official Post 130 bugler at all ceremonies.

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