Certificate presentation to 94-year-old veteran Don Pfau.


75-Year Membership Certificates

Lewistown, MT

On March 24, 2022, officers of American Legion Post 16 in Lewistown, Mont. presented two 75-Year Membership Certificates to 94-year-old Don Pfau and 97-year-old Fred Schell (coincidentally, it was Fred's birthday).
In a small rural town such as Lewistown, having one veteran with this many years' continuous membership would be incredible, but having two - now that was a cause for celebratory honor.
Post 16 Commander Ken Pearsall stated later that "he could not recall any other such presentation, and it's a long time to be a member - you'd have to join as soon as you can and then live a long time."
To both of our amazing veteran recipients we give our total love, honor and respect.

Combined picture of certificate presentation.
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