They Need You

274 - Rib Lake , WI

They Need You
A Veteran's Prayer
By: Ronald K. Tauber

Of all the things in Heaven Lord, isn't there a way
To rearrange the world's stage as if it were a play.
It seems that everywhere I go, and where I come from too
I hear the talk of peace or war, but not a word of you.

They seem to forget Dear Lord, the world depends on you
And that you, and only you, can judge on what we do.
They have turned their hearts away from you, to face the world alone
But what they're facing now is worse, than hell has ever known.

After they have gone too far, they'll turn their hearts to you
I suppose that's most natural when there's nothing else to do.

Do you think they'll ever find that there's ​only one right way,
And that right way is only you no matter where they stray.
Please Lord, make them realize, this world was made by you
And no one else shall ever take, the throne from which you rule.

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