Four brothers serve at same time during Korean police action

American Legion Post 6 - Macomb, IL

The four Froweins, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Frowein, all served during the Korean police action.

C.L., 27, LT. U.S. Air Force. Killed 10 July 1953 in an F-89 jet crash while on a mission to intercept a simulated enemy bomber approaching the California coast. They completed their mission and crashed on returning to Hamilton Air Force Base.

Robert, 25, U.S. Marine Corps, Cheery Point Marine Air Base, N.C. Was extended a year for Korean police action.

James, 22, Cpl. U.S. Army Artillery. Co. Served 13 months of combat in Korea.

Richard (Dick), Storekeeper 3rd Class. Petty Officer. First served from 15 July 1949 to 14 July 1950. Recalled 23 February 1952 to serve two additional years' active duty. I served aboard USS Peregrine EAM 373. Our home port was Norfolk, Va., though we spent most of the time sailing up and down the East Coast. Our mission was to determine depth and water temperature, using sonar as the means of communication. We had two civilian engineers operating the special equipment located in the Combat Information Center. I found out in 2002 that NASA was using this information.

Our father passed away 25 November 1945, so our mother Lois was left to raise the boys although the two older boys were serving in the U.S. Navy at the time of Dad's death. She had at least one boy serving their country from 1945 until I was discharged from the U.S. Navy on 04 November 1953. She was a very strong lady!

American Legion Post 6
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