Bob Kitz World War II Veteran at Arlington National Cemetery.

West Deptford, NJ

I joined as a Sons of the American Legion (SAL) member and am now proud to be the Chaplain of New Jersey Squadron 133 in Woodbury, NJ. I joined as a Son of my father, Gary Sigmund, a Navy veteran who served during the Iranian hostage crisis.

But today, I'd like to mention my great uncle, Bob Kitz. He was a World War II vet that stormed the beaches of Normandy and received the great honor of being buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was a proud member of The American Legion and was a father figure to my father during his formative years. Bob Kitz was the son of Fred Kitz, who was a World War I veteran and Legion member.

I am proud to be a fourth-generation member of The American Legion, as well as a descendant of all wars dating back to the American Civil War.

My favorite memory of Uncle Bob was his ability to be unapologetic to adversity in his later years, his child-like fascination of life, his grit and the twinkle in his eye when he shared something new and interesting.

I loved my uncle Bob as my father did. Mostly because he treated us like we were his own kids. I will forever remember my Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane as the beautiful patriarch and matriarch of our family. I will keep them in my heart always and forever.

Bryan Sigmund
Chaplain, Sons of the American Legion
Squadron 133, Woodbury, NJ

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