One soldier's service honored in Ohio in line with family's legacy

Cynthiana, KY

Joseph Schreiber returned to the United States near the end of World War I, having been sent to Germany as a child after the death of his parents. Though he missed his opportunity to serve, he would see several of his sons go on to fulfill their duty.

Joe Schreiber served 32 years in the Navy, retiring as a master chief. Les Schreiber also joined the Navy, serving for 20 years before also retiring as a master chief, brother John Schreiber said. Their step-brother, Larry Steuber, died at Pearl Harbor. He wasn't yet 20 years old, John said.

John was drafted into the Army.

"I should have reported earlier but I asked for an extension to complete my college education, which I did and as soon as I graduated I went down to the draft board and I says take me, so they took me," he said.

He served from 1954-1956 in Ehrlanger, Germany as a battery clerk, "which made it easier on me," he said. "Because when the swell got knee-deep and the temperature got down about 32 below zero and everybody else was out in the field, I had to sit back in the battery headquarters. I said, 'Boy, I feel sorry for myself.'"

John was discharged as a specialist three. He went on to have a family and retired as the personnel manager of a factory after 23 years.

Despite the sibling rivalry exacerbated between Army and Navy fans, John said he often discussed military experience with his brothers. They had cousins and other relatives who led military careers.

"We've often talked about our time in service, the good and the bad and the indifferent," he said.

Les lives in California now. Joe passed away several years ago.

But they aren't the last of the family to serve.

On May 2, 2014, John’s nephew by marriage, Ralph “Swede” Ware was inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame. Specialist Four Ware received the Bronze Star with a “V” device for Army action in Vietnam, completing an operation in what was essentially a minefield, quickly and without accident. He also received three Purple Hearts, John said.

"When he got that award he said, 'I don't deserve this,' and he pointed at everybody else. He said, 'They deserve it more than I do.'"

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