Recollections on D-Day, V-E Day and a family dedicated to service

Chandler, AZ

Our family had many young men who served during World War II. There were my Radomski uncles: Walter, the twins Bernard and Edmond, as well as Frank in the Army, Anthony in the Coast Guard, plus Joseph Roszina and Stanley Sagan. My husband’s uncle Henry Mascia was also in the Army.

Bernard received a Purple Heart. Joseph fought and was wounded in Italy. Walter also served in Korea.

Stanley was home on leave in the Bronx on Dec. 7, 1941. He had taken my sister and I to see Santa at Macy's in Manhattan. We heard what had happened on the radio. He had to return to duty. He fought in Europe and remained in the service for 23 years.

When the war ended in Europe, my family had been heading to see a movie in Times Square, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Everyone was greeting and kissing with great happiness.

We have seen so much history in our time, memories never forgotten.

— Sophia Flocco, wife of member Angelo Flocco

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