California Post 731 revitalization reaches milestone

San Diego, CA

Post 731 in San Diego recently took a long overdue formal step to support the charter application of its Auxiliary Unit. On Aug. 2, Post 731 Commander Charles Camarato and Post 731 Adjutant Frank Strayer Jr. presented an official letter of intent to 22nd District Auxiliary President June Coatney.

Post 731 began its revitalization project in 2011. Revitalization encompasses many facets of post management. The post re-established its SAL squadron, and now moves to establish an Auxiliary unit.

The commander has had a plan that involved many different areas the post needed to address in order to stop its membership loss. In 2012, Post 731 finished the Legion year with over 120 percent membership. The commander did a membership analysis in 2011, of the last 20 years of membership. In 1991 the post had more than 600 members.

In 2011, the post was down to just over 200 members, two-thirds of its members were lost in 20 years. The commander placed the numbers on a spreadsheet and showed the current post members where they were headed. The graph looked like a kids slide, and gave a visual aid to all members just how serious their situation was.

The commander states that he now has enough Riders to start a new Legion Riders chapter.

Post 731 has garnished the respect of the Department of California, as one of its premier leading posts. So much so, that two national commanders, 2011 and 2012, have been honored at Post 731 with reception banquets while visiting San Diego.

In 2013, Post 731 was honored by the San Diego School District, as "Partner of the Year."

The commander states that post revitalization first requires an intelligent assessment of the overall post environment. Implementing a plan, that can encompass and project a long term strategy, requires a steady course by its members, as proven with a commander elected for his third term.

Post 731 is well on its way to becoming, as the commander states, a Super Post. The San Diego 22nd District this year has implemented an old Legion tool, called Post Analysis Audits, and tasked District Executive Officers with initiating an overall assessment of all San Diego posts.
Being proactive in identifying where posts need assistance is vital in maintaining quality post membership.

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