Encinitas Post 416 PUFL member/2017 Recruiter of the Year is pictured checking on comrades during Buddy Check Week.


Buddy Checks increase membership and comradeship

Encinitas , CA

The American Legion District 22 of San Diego, Calif., is stepping outside and into the front doors of checking on fellow Legionnaires during the ramp-up for National Commander Brett Reistad's National Buddy Check Week.
“It’s been cold, snowy and rainy all across the country so this past week our team in San Diego District 22 has started calling nearly 500 fellow Legionnaires,” says District 22 Commander Chris Yates.
"It only seems reasonable to break into recruiting teams and have boots on the ground,” says Department of California Gold Brigader Mary Jane Fisher.
What they have found out so far is that 10 percent of our veterans need food, transportation, pet therapy visits or just a house visit.
Please put your shoes on and visit those who have a need or aren’t retuning your message.
Stay productive and Buddy Check On!

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