Chas P. Rowe American Legion Post 30, Memorial Day 2020, Pomona Cemetery, honoring our fallen heroes. Honor guard.


Chas P. Rowe Post 30 (Pomona, Calif.) Memorial Day virtual event

Chas P. Rowe American Legion Post 30 - Pomona , CA

We started our day at our Legion post in Pomona, Calif.. Once gathered, we had three sites to visit before our drive-thru honor event we partnered up on with our Pomona Police Department and Los Angeles County Fire Department Unit 83. We started with our traditional visit to our first site of Garfield Park for our prayer for those we lost in WWI. From there we moved into Pomona Cemetery, which holds over 300 veterans to date. We did our live virtual event which consisted of our prayer, and honoring those we have lost in all wars. After wrapping up that event we headed to Memorial Park, where there are names of local veterans dating back from WWI to Korea, to pray for our brothers and sisters we have lost. We partnered up with our city officials, Senate and Congress to get a message out about the importance of Memorial Day.

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