Memorial Day honors

Post 1198 - Park Forest, IL

For the past 27 years, the Park Forest American Legion color guard has honored our past commanders, officers and members by visiting their gravesites at five cemeteries. Our day begins at 600 hrs. We go to each cemetery to place a
flag, sound taps and fire at each gravesite. Family and friends of the member we are honoring are there to help us show
respect for their service to our country. Next we go to a Blue Star Memorial that has been in the village of Park Forest
for 70-some years. We place a flag, sound taps and fire. Our next stop is to honor those who have given their all from the
Village of Park Forest, and all veterans from every town, city or state in America. This all happens at the Veterans Memorial
in downtown Park Forest. After sounding taps and firing, we then proceed to our post home to sound taps and fire once
again to honor those who have given their all to protect our country and the freedoms we all share as Americans. Our
commitment to honor our fellow veterans ends around 1300 hrs., at which time we relax and think about how proud
and fortunate we are to live in a country like the United States of America, and proud that we served this country.

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