Local veteran's flag display honors troops for 15th year

South Beloit, IL

SOUTH BELOIT (WIFR) -- As Americans we have many freedoms. On days like today we have the privilege of honoring the people who fought to protect those freedoms. 23 News reporter, Eric O’Brien brings us a local veteran who is helping people do just that.
"I hope more people will actually remember to thank a vet today!" Arnold Potter says.
Potter moved to this South Beloit home over 15 years ago after multiple years of service with the Air Force and Army. The flag has a special meaning to him.
"The red is for the blood that's been shed. The white is for the purity of the country and the idea that it was founded upon. The blue field is unity and loyalty, and those stars are each individual coming together on that field to become one nation," Potter said proudly.
Every Memorial Day, 15 years and counting, he sits in his driveway from sunup to sundown looking after Old Glory. It's a display neighbors like Levi Vatter appreciate.
"I mean, it's not too big and flashy, but it does what it's supposed to and gets the point across," Votter states.
Potter, switching gears, "My way of remembrance is to take the crosses and put those up for each and every single one of the members of my family. But now I welcome everybody."
Anyone and everyone is welcome to honor their fallen heroes at one of these three crosses. The gesture has motivated some in the neighborhood to show their pride, but Potter says it's not enough.
"A sea of flags to show the troops we're behind ya, we support you all the way, Potter envisions. “There's too many veterans now in the cemeteries who fought and died for those flags to see someone desecrate it."

Saluting from South Beloit, Eric O’Brien, 23 News.

[The three crosses are for Potter's father, his uncle and his wife's grandfather. All were veterans.]

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