"Table For One" enhancement chairs

Pembroke, MA

I would like to thank THE AMERICAN LEGION DISPATCH for posting the article for the "Table For One Tribute Chairs" project . This project is to design black folding metal chairs at cost to enhance the Table For One tributes at all American Legion posts. The response was overwhelming and I received over 60 responses, and out of that chose a winner from each state to receive one of these chairs. The goal was to have at least one chair in an American Legion post in every state. We reached 30 posts.
Now the fun begins: to start designing the chairs (one design for all ) with the added title of each post for personalization. After the 30 posts receive their chairs, this service may be planning a mobile design-shop trailer to visit posts that didn't win as a promo around the country. This project was started because it was noticed that most posts had a "table for one" setup but was using chairs from the hall, which did not match the theme of the table. These chairs will all be uniform in color and design, and for visual tribute and not to be sat upon. If you would like more information on this project, please contact me at wareagle201@yahoo.com. I will not be accepting any more requests at this time, until the current list is completed. Thank you to the staff of the DISPATCH for making this possible.

Robert Rice
U.S. Navy 62-68

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